Thursday, December 16, 2010

Ten Ways to Kick-Start Enthusiasm in a Downturn

1.Be the solution.
2.You have already within you and your network of colleagues and friends, a vast resource.
3.Be an "idea bouncer."
4. Listen to children carefully.
5.Write and draw for no reason.
6. Display your work and believe that it is beautiful.
7.Be the first one to taste a snowflake.
8.Be faithful to your ideas, while all the while gathering more ideas for more grist
9. You can always wait to edit, but beware of the trap of thinking that you will always be able to pick up the thread easily. Even people without memory issues lose good content in the blink of an eye
1o. Snow melts fast. Be here now. Frustration and anger will inevitably dog your heels, so it behoves us to make friends with the enemy. Look for opportunities to embrace "AFGO's. (Another fcking growth opportunity)and enjoy the process of conversion from "Grinch" to "Mensch.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Care Giving

Who wants to be a caregiver! The benefits are great! Because you are the only one who can, or will provide care, all of the wonderful jobs that could be parceled out to others rarely do!. It's a thankless task, but don't despair, because you have led a life of constant sacrifice, you seem never to have any time for yourself! Oh, I don't mind, I don't need any time for myself. I wouldn't know what to do with all that leisure. Besides, God knows that your doing the right thing. I wouldn't know what to do with all that idle time, any way.We'll take a nice holiday one of these days, when things are less hectic... There are real-world saints among us every day. Consider giving them the day, or week or month off. All of us deserve leisure time, quality time, time to do what YOU have always wanted to do. This plea comes from a recipient of wonderful care giving. My wife has taught me that leisure is essential,even when it seems frivolous to others or ourselves. We only get one turn at life. Choose wisely. Love deeply.When a chance to improve another's lot, do not hesitate to jump in! You'll never regret generous kindness.

Friday, December 10, 2010

The Basilica Needs a Labyrinth!

Seriously. One of the most profound meditative experiences available to the lay person, or any other soul desiring a respite from the banality and meaninglessness of our daily round, can be found as near as the closest Labyrinth. The ancient practice of walking the "maze" has captured many a soul, most probably because the physical action of its twists and turns, coinciding with the step and breath of the human in motion, excites, even as it calms. Many prefer the setting of an outdoor Labyrinth, most likely due to the fresh air and sight-lines that seem to integrate the worlds of the interior and exterior as one all-encompassing meditative experience. There are many Labyrinths in the Baltimore area, but the most un-used and relevant location by far, would be the south-facing lawn of the Basilica. It would command a fine vista to the south, while bringing an invitation to experience the joy of a walk in the wide and gracious path. Seeing the worshipers as they wend their way through the maze would invite others to experience the maze, beckoning others to explore a meditative walk with a vista and an invitation to explore. in time, many would come to incorporate a regular outlet for a delightful spiritual experience in the midst of a hectic day, or just a moment of gratitude

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

If all the Hippies cut off their hair...I don't care...

It seems downright tautological to believe that Alz is a condition that will be cured at some point in time.We humans have a pretty good track record, even in cases that seem to be intractable. It may take a good long time, but my bet is that it will go the way of Small Pox and Measles. In the mean time, however, there is a paucity of light, giving little hope in this otherwise gloom benighted sphere. If we can embrace the darkness,we may be able to glean the clues that nature, or, our scientists, or a shout out for some help from the higher power that may possibly be just the bit of information we need to flip the switch. Many examples can be found in the history of science, and who knows, maybe we'll catch a break. The time for wishful thinking is over, but the more human community present in the gracious good will of a group of intelligent, creative, and compassionate people can always win the day. Of course, it is up to all of us, and nothing will become of our efforts if we can't find a way to merge our talents, focus on the light, and imbue all of our energies, in all of our endeavors, within a framework of integrity and love.Our aim is lofty, but the energies of our people will bring us to an utterly other country.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Not One Wrong Note

Yesterday, my wife and I experienced the remarkable musical institution known as the Vienna Boy's Choir. As we slid into the perfectly placed seats at Baltimore's Meyerhoff' Symphony Hall, memories of my days as a boy in the Choir of Downtown's Old Saint Paul's Church came flooding to mind, with the jittery moments before the baton was raised, and then the rush that can only come from the inhale of breath and a silence broken for ever. The sweet notes found full flower, and we were off, stunned momentarily, to find so full and strong a sound, from these boys who have been toughened and tried, demanding much of thoughts had need of wandering, for the experience of this performance made me review the accolades that my own Boy's Choir colleagues once dreamed of attaining. While we found other ways and other paths, we remained faithful to the quest for accurate pitch, pin-point attack, and many of the other skills that separate the casual whistler from the budding musician. For myself, music, and it's practice, holds a world of beauty and accuracy to which many are called, but few are chosen. While in the long run, I could not make the grade, I had a good long draught at the well, and it has given me great love for music in all it's forms. Hic Finis Est