Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Let there be backlight

OK. I am at work. Maybe I should be doing something productive for my employer. Oh, that's right, I am my this post is all about work. But not necessarily my work. It's about how PR works. I don't like PR. It tries to be something it isn't. Or is it? PR has been used to shape public opinion since God said let there be light...Oh, wait, just move a little bit to the left so you're not upstaging God,wait just three more seconds so the setting sunlight just catches the highlights in God's hair....that's it! Oh, so as I was saying, I don't like PR, because it is fundamentally based on the premise that I can shade the truth enough in my favor to make me look better than the devil. And that is deceptive, right? But my point is that sometimes we need to use these techniques for good! A little white lie, a shading, a spruce up, hooold it! Great shot! That captures it. Or not. It may be just a matter of intention. In order for you to really get the point of this ramble, I may need to heighten the importance of certain passages, and downplay some of the less meaty content. Intention takes a bad rap. Intention is what it's all about. I need you to get this message so you can notice it's importance. If I am not able to communicate the message beyond the clutter of our debris-field existence, then I will die! We must create nodes of unassailable importance. Island nations of reliable, transparent, effective, obviously important content that can shape the human conversation, that can re-create the forum of ideas AND be at play in the fields of the lord. There is no need for certainty in our post-Heisenberg world because it's all flow and play and engaging with other beings to find A truth, not THE truth. Bring on the O'bamanator! Release the hounds! All hail the Simpsons!

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