Friday, November 20, 2009

The Early Alz Support Group

Last night's ALZ support group was the best in a while--there were some new folks, and there was a decent and funny conversation--I ran into someone who lives near my house, which was interesting but not awkward. The usual group was there, plenty of food, and some good laughs. The longer I have to get used to this odd label, the easier it becomes to carry. I feel no stigma, and I think it proper to go ahead and disclose my condition, if for no other reason than to help others accept the diagnosis, and better yet, to revel in the ability to think, laugh, love, spoof, wonder, despair, rage, cry insanely, and otherwise live the best life I can. I think that is the definition of NORMAL. And I am enjoying each moment as they come. I just received a call from a colleague who was sort of tentatively wanting to show his support --he was shy about his call, and he is a man much older than I, but when we had talked for a bit, as always, we realized that we are still the same people, trying to have a good experience, sharing the good times and the memories...I don't go maudlin, there is plenty of fun left in this life, and I think I'll get out of the office, head home, and see if I can scare up some birds to watch--it is the tail end of the fall migration, and as an avid bird watcher, there is no time like the present for catching the hawks. It was a good day.

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