Wednesday, November 17, 2010

From the sublime to the ridiculous

One of the best aspects of living and working in Baltimore is the nearly constant availability of live music, due mostly from our wonderful Peabody Conservatory and the hordes of musicians that live, create, and one-up them selves, vying for fame, mastery, and a shot at a life making music. A case in point: I wandered into the Basilica in B'more this noon, and dropped everything, once I realized that I had just walked into a harp recital that lasted forty minutes, and gave me a jeweled diadem of a reason to just stop, listen and float away on the phenomenal acoustics that made an hour of serenity and phenomenal live music the best gift I have had all day. Of course, this is Baltimore, however, and when I emerged from my harp-induced reverie, and quickly realized that I had jumped into an altercation outside the Super Fresh Grocery store, I felt right back at home, instantly Now that's culture!!

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