Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Clearing away the wreckage of the present

Now that all drug regimens thought to be useful in the battle for acuity and progress in the fight against ALZ have been virtually discredited, it is time to husband resources, pressure the medical establishment, and make a national/global effort on behalf of the the millions of people creating a drain on the energy, creativity, and forward progress of our species. The cost of not addressing this issue will create a societal backlash and a legacy that will dog our civilization for generations to come. The costs of this systemic drain on the species will pale before the mammoth loss of productivity, and innovation for decades to come. If we do not act now, through a dedication to research and our own ingenuity, we will have left a legacy that will damn the future to a world of devolution and misery. This is an imperative of the highest order, or we shall preside over the extinction of a world gone awry.

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