Monday, April 5, 2010

The enlightened one?

I have a dog named "Buddha." He is a yellow lab. Many yellow labs are gentle, obedient, and respectful. My yellow lab is not in any way, that. Some might say that just naming a dog "Buddha" is asking for trouble. They may well be right. I am coming to the conclusion that we have significant cognitive dissonance in our choice of name. We have Shiva in Buddha's clothing. The Destroyer is ascendent. The Buddha waits its day. But there is some hope for change. After trying to find him for hours in the woods and fields yesterday, with an occasional phone message from neighbors who either wanted to shoot him, or raise a posse to find him, he sauntered up the driveway, dragging various animal parts, and undeniable evidence of significant mud baths in the streams and decrepit ornamental ponds that once were the wonder of our area. We hosed him off, dried him off, and he ran right into the house and into his crate, and in minutes, he was snoring away. I followed not too soon after, carrying dozens and dozens of daffodils picked from the steep sided ravine where every year they appear for a few weeks in jocular profusion. In another week or two, the mountain laurel will begin to open its buds amid the song bird invasion and we will be in full regalia. All love.

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  1. Funny. I have a cocker who is likewise all but obedient. Today on a walk where we encountered other dogs, it occurred to me that you could probably power a house or a city with the magnetic attraction between two dogs who are strangers to each other. Like you could tie three dogs to one wheat mill and another set of dogs to a second wheat mill and watch them turn those mills in their determination to get a whiff of each other...
    Just an observation.
    Nice blog.