Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Insidious, crass, Promotion...for a good cause...Birds!

I have been watching birds in the city of Baltimore for several decades...and for most of that time, from the same perch in the 100 block of North Charles Street. While Scarlett and Beauregard are long gone, I have remained to see many waves of subsequent avian activity from the peregrines to the rodents they sometimes ate. At this time, My co-workers and those who have any interest in the natural world are being treated to a pair of American Kestrels (Falco Sparvarius), or Sparrow Hawks), that like to perch on the cooling equipment across the street, allowing fine views of the compact little predators as they wait, usually in the morning, for a passing morsel. With the good scope, the cinnamon brown and slatey grey wings offset each other handsomely, and when their heads turn, the dark "whiskers" or side-burns offer a striking and unusual pattern. So much for productivity! I hope they stick around for awhile, but then again, the song birds are coming and they may be shortly up-staged! Hic finis est!

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