Thursday, August 12, 2010

Nature's Wonders

The last 24 hours have shown the power and the unseen hand of the weather, the force of the universe, and the remarkable breadth of the forms that evolve on this planet. We awoke clear and bright, and we will sleep until the morrow, when the wildness of the surf and it's winds and tides will once again re-make the shore, tossing up the wrack, and giving the observer another plate of food for the curious, as in olden times, as our science and its truths began to take the wonder out of man's affectionate longing for truth, cause, and the certain nature of things. I am no Luddite, but I yearn for the kind of discovery that only the curious can conjure, taking half-truths based on imagination, nothing but "what-ifs and ""why"s, pushing so hard to find a plausible notion, that seems to fit, seems to reveal a tiny piece of the whole, our one star the only light we see, often clouded, ever-changing and ever-present, but here, there, in ourselves and in our own beacon, shone sometimes benighted, but never yet extinguished. In our little place, the dolphins have given us joy, their seeming antics and jocular conviviality in astounding profusion, while feeling that they know far more than we, and could be coaxed to teach us how to sing their songs and tales; their display this day, more yet than any other, seemed to show such understanding and conviviality, as we witnessed today, dozens of animals interacting and seemingly coordinating the sallies and thrusts that seemed to have some intelligence, as the fish seemed to bunch up and herd the schools that swam in such close proximity and profusion that the fins and thrusts boiled and edddied like some sort of sport or feeding frenzy. It was an awesome spectacle, very close to the shore, and an amazing display of the power and intelligence of these creatures that fascinate us.

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