Friday, December 10, 2010

The Basilica Needs a Labyrinth!

Seriously. One of the most profound meditative experiences available to the lay person, or any other soul desiring a respite from the banality and meaninglessness of our daily round, can be found as near as the closest Labyrinth. The ancient practice of walking the "maze" has captured many a soul, most probably because the physical action of its twists and turns, coinciding with the step and breath of the human in motion, excites, even as it calms. Many prefer the setting of an outdoor Labyrinth, most likely due to the fresh air and sight-lines that seem to integrate the worlds of the interior and exterior as one all-encompassing meditative experience. There are many Labyrinths in the Baltimore area, but the most un-used and relevant location by far, would be the south-facing lawn of the Basilica. It would command a fine vista to the south, while bringing an invitation to experience the joy of a walk in the wide and gracious path. Seeing the worshipers as they wend their way through the maze would invite others to experience the maze, beckoning others to explore a meditative walk with a vista and an invitation to explore. in time, many would come to incorporate a regular outlet for a delightful spiritual experience in the midst of a hectic day, or just a moment of gratitude

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