Tuesday, December 7, 2010

If all the Hippies cut off their hair...I don't care...

It seems downright tautological to believe that Alz is a condition that will be cured at some point in time.We humans have a pretty good track record, even in cases that seem to be intractable. It may take a good long time, but my bet is that it will go the way of Small Pox and Measles. In the mean time, however, there is a paucity of light, giving little hope in this otherwise gloom benighted sphere. If we can embrace the darkness,we may be able to glean the clues that nature, or, our scientists, or a shout out for some help from the higher power that may possibly be just the bit of information we need to flip the switch. Many examples can be found in the history of science, and who knows, maybe we'll catch a break. The time for wishful thinking is over, but the more human community present in the gracious good will of a group of intelligent, creative, and compassionate people can always win the day. Of course, it is up to all of us, and nothing will become of our efforts if we can't find a way to merge our talents, focus on the light, and imbue all of our energies, in all of our endeavors, within a framework of integrity and love.Our aim is lofty, but the energies of our people will bring us to an utterly other country.


  1. If 6 turns up to be 9 anything is possible...

  2. speaking of hair, for a bright side of things kind of guy, you really should post something about the big gray mop o' hair. we of the receding hairlines salute you!