Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sanibel Island Send-off

Tomorrow we ride! I have packed my bag. It is capable of containing virtually all of the clothes I own. I am not an efficient packer, but I always have what I need. Just for grins, here are the top ten reasons why I am excited to go:
1. I like driving long distances.
2. I like birds...and Sanibel (like all of South Florida) is a birdwatchers's paradise)
3. I like being in a place where the most common mode of transport is the bicycle.
4. I get to spend time with my children (rarer than the birds!)
5. We get to re-acquaint ourselves with our friends who live there.
6. Snowy Plovers (a species that is common, remarkably subtle (you could step on the slight indentation in the sand that passes for a nest...) and if you are a freak like me, a subject to be fascinated with for hours on end (yes, I know I am weird).
7. The Bean (the best place to snack, breakfast, lunch,...AND good coffee!
8. Corkscrew Swamp NWR
9. Bobcats
10. Crossing the causeway.


  1. Just ran across your post. I had to smile at all the things you like. I've lived here at Sanibel for four years and strangely, I think looking at the view as I cross the causeway is still my favorite thing. Especially when I remember that I used to cry when I had to leave from vacation here. The weather is warming up and should be perfect for your visit. Have a wonderful time.

  2. We live in Florida,but those are all the same reasons we love Sanibel,too.