Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Soup

Do you have a Superfresh® grocery store near-by? I am certainly not affiliated in any way with the Superfresh grocery chain, but I gotta say, the soup they offer at lunch in their Charles and Saratoga Street location is awesome. There are two excellent choices. If you want to put on a little cushion, go for the cream-based seafood Bisque--plenty of scallops and flavor enough for the galloping gourmet. It's almost always hot and delicious. Best to get there toward the noon to 1PM rush, while there are still plenty of significant chunks of crabmeat, be they in the Bisque or the MD crab. You just about cannot go wrong, unless you get there late. The Maryland crab is classic, with not too much Old Bay,and not too little, either. They bring in the tureens probably just before 11:15 AM, or so, and when you get there @ 12:15 or 12:30 or so, you will follow your nose back to the nether regions of the store, past the Triscuits® and some very nice cheeses, perhaps a blueberry yogurt, excellent, if not waistline approved, and surreptitiously, but confidently, the heavy-dark chocolate Lindt brand of almost excellent full-on cacao...but not quite up to a Scharfenberger chocolate where with all my cajoling I have still not been able to convince the store that they would improve margins if they went all the way to the darkest and most euphoric level of the game...but hey, even without some spotty inventory, you've still got a shot at a fine, nutritious and somewhat decadent mid-day repast. Bon apetit'

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