Thursday, May 20, 2010

Heroism is alive and well

Last night's ALZ support group was a poignant reminder that everyone experiences emotional pain. Whether it's the demise of a loved one, an unexpected disappointment, a cruel remark, a slight, an insensitive oversight, or just the day in, day out difficulties of life on earth, we all experience pain. Thankfully, we all also have the capacity to give, love, entertain, LAUGH, sing, and determine to be happy no matter the difficulty. It's a matter of survival, it's the species evolving before our very eyes, and it is the thing that we all can do very well. Every disappointment, every small indicator of decline, can be met with an acceptance. Every small victory can be a gracious defeat. While I love my solitude, I would be lost without the communion of my fellows, the camaraderie of the imperfect, the blessing of error, the lightening of the burden shared. We know but a little. We err routinely, we love imperfectly, we overshoot, reign in, and plunge once again into the deep water, with its silence and its roar. As we say in AA, acceptance is the key. And one thing more. The presence of the young people that attend the support group is a remarkable asset, and one that I am deeply grateful for. We have a good thing going! Hic finis est.

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