Thursday, May 27, 2010

Scarlet, No Rhett

There are birds, and then there are birds. I have to say that the planet and its life forms have, frankly, chosen to go slow on this time around our star. I go out every day, find a spot in some likely, hopefully, conducive place, with a nice full woodland river (the Gunpowder, as it comes down from just over the Pennsylvania line, most likely), and one at a very slow time a new species steps out and makes its reluctant debut. I like this. I hate this. I want to see every possible migratory bird that I can each Spring, NOW! yet the daily desire to see a concentration of new species coming in all at once is overwhelming, and to miss a single highlight would be a travesty. So yesterday, I weaseled out of my office (again), spent no more than two hours on the stream, and came up with ONE new species. ONE! Come on people, I mean birds, let's get it together! This is not working for me! We need to step it up, maybe enlist the raccoons or the weasels as scouts! ok. Sorry about that. It won't happen again. The upshot is that a bird did appear, and it happens to be one of the most garishly sub-tropical and most sought-after species for it's dazzle effect. We're talking about the Scarlet Tanager, and if you have never beheld one you're in for a treat.

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