Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Nest Site Fidelity, in Oven Birds (Seiurus Aurocapillus

I have observed nest/territory and site fidelity in Ovenbirds for close to 20 years now. My sample territory is a planting in a downtown Baltimore City, Maryland location, nestled between tall buildings and a plaza that offers mulched cover with planted evergreen shrubbery. Observation is made simple, as the birds have seemed habituated/dis-interested in the foot traffic and my own gentle intrusions on the site. I have seen nests, every year, from which I conclude that this location has fidelity to this species. Dates of arrival and return are predictable. Eggs and hatches are somewhat variable, but I hope to gain more data this year (but I am not a bander, so I can't say for sure how it works out.) I will post updates as the season progresses.

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  1. Here's a site you need to see - Chestertown Spy's "Osprey Cam". The eggs are due to hatch May 15!