Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Always Worse, Never Better?

The assumption in Alz treatment is just that--always worse, never better. Yes, at this point in the history of recognition and treatment it may seem that this is the case. But I don't think we should count out the marvel that lies within that big sphere above the neck. Because of the strange ability of human consciousness to learn, adapt, assimilate, and synthesize, we can participate in our own healing. We can "work around" difficulties, adapt to new protocols, align our individual consciousness with those of similar experience and broader possibility. The medical model of disease treatment may need to consider that where consciousness, memory, emotion, and intellect are concerned, you are really looking at a continuous feedback loop that MUST involve participation in the ongoing experience of the subject. Our collective experience may very well provide the learning and evolution that we need to "get inside" the disease...and this exploration may open new pathways, both figuratively and literally, to mitigation, and eventually some sort of cure.


  1. Just checking in here. Much food for thought. My mom is in advanced stages of Alz, i've thought a lot about where consciousness lives - is Alz a "pathway" blockage? Remind me to tell you the story about her and "Chattanooga Choo Choo" - how music moves the mind - another adaptive strategy perhaps.
    YITB, Doc

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  3. Mind over brain. My mum has had Alz for over 10 years, and now she's showing signs of dramatic improvement. Weird, but I'm not giving up on possibilities.