Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Sunday August 2nd, 2009 - Sorry Game

Tired of the same old boring test of memory acuity that your alz physician has you take every 4-six months or so? Counting back by sevens, the colored balls, the intersecting circles, the same old shapes and their order…well now, there is an all new test, guaranteed to ascend to the gold standard, the mother of all memory tests, if you will. It is the “Sorry” Index of Mnemonic  Acuity (most people in the know just shorten it to the Mnem-Cat of general memory acuity)

As an aside, you may remember that the Sorry® Index was actually invented by Milton-Bradley…yep, the very same folks who gave you the Board games, and given their pre-eminent place in the diadem of all board (sometimes cynically known as “bored” games) you can see just how integral the family friendly movement has been to their success AND to the thousands of family members who are just now beginning to understand why some of our friends and relatives are just not winning as often as they should be.

On something of a” downer” note, it was several years ago now that the innocuous little “Sorry” game helped reveal my own cognitive deficiencies, and so I have a bit of love/hate for this particular way to pass the time.

This post was generated, however, by coming home to the rare occasion of being asked to join with my 11th grade daughter and college-age daughter and her beau for a late night game. Bottom line, however is this: I certainly don’t miss the board games. I participate in a wide range of activities. I am an avid reader, and for now, all is well.

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