Friday, August 28, 2009


Many of you have a lawn of some sort. Green grass, mown frequently in the Summer, a carpet richly manicured, monochromatic, a Scott's or MiracleGro situation...nice, but OH so boring. In my madman's estate, you will find no manicure, but you will be accosted by the piercing pricks of wild rose thickets, horrible blankets of "mile a minute" weed, and extremely pernicious Poison Ivy, masquerading as a "ground cover." On a positive note, these sometimes deeply stubborn invasives carpet whole fields, often actually choking out some of the worst offenders. If only some of these tactics could be applied to the ALZ. Perhaps there is a way to fight fire with fire...perhaps re-directing these "plaques" that were touted as major actors in the ALZ disease process to conflict and confound lighting a back fire to put out a forest conflagration...I know it sounds weird, but hey, stranger ideas have become breakthroughs...


  1. i think organic pest management is the right metaphor.

    happy birthday by the way - i almost forgot! quelle ironique

  2. a pointer - the Dana Foundation is a publisher of neurology research. they have a layman's monthly newsletter that is pretty good; usually one or two items on ALZ, plus speculations on consciousness brain/mind stuff.