Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Caffeine Effective Alzheimer's Treatment

So did ya see the news! Coffee drinkers and alz sufferers unite! This just in!

“Researchers Find Caffeine Effective Alzheimer’s Treatment”

U of Fla  researcher Gary Arendash believes coffee drinkers “are not just protecting themselves, but actually treating symptoms that might appear.” Love the java! I knew the coffee shop around the corner could do something for me other than empty my wallet! Perhaps mandatory coffee breaks are just around the corner. Maybe we ‘ll see an up-tick with regard to artisanal whole bean consumption. Better coffee makes a better world.  In fact, fine whole bean consumption may become mandatory…a new drug delivery system that people actually enjoy using…(alright, I know that some of you are saying to yourselves that I’ve gone too far, but really, you know you are already addicted, why not revel in your new found acuity borne of King CAFFEINE!!!

I can see that I am, like Donnie in the Big Lebowski, now well over the line, so I’ll just stop this thread…for now.

Whoops, I can’t really stop. You know, it may be no coincidence that the growth of fine coffees from around the world is mushrooming, it may be a self-fulfilling prophecy borne of the need to reduce alz type cognitive maladies and get everyone addicted to coffee. It sure beats end stage outcomes! OK, that’s too much of a bummer, but who knows, with interest gaining all the time, perhaps there is hope. But regardless, the new wave of medicinal caffiene  applications should at least amp up the  neutra-ceutical field. Kona Gold for everyone!

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