Thursday, August 13, 2009

A Dog's Life

It may be a trite observation, but there is certainly some appeal in the tongue-slapping, impulse driven, high-energy life of the loyal, sometimes manic, sometimes irritating family dog...or, in our case, DOGS. We span the gamut, from the occasional whiner, to the most fearless surf rider...and this summer vacation at the beach would be almost boring if not for Jackson, Buddha, Penny, and Mac...oh, whoops! Mac is not a dog, but he often plays one on TV, and he normally shakes vigorously when emerging from water. In any event, the dogs provide comic relief and other opportunities to create those most sacrosanct of vacation activities...the opportunites to hang out, play, laugh, and get out of hand.
From the ALZ perspective, the fondness of dogs and the presence of other living beings in and of themselves, are therapeutic. We are probably more alike than we think, when it comes to our fellow creatures.

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